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Set Paper 1 – 2019 Language English With Answer

Set Exam Paper 1 Online Test July 2019 – Language English

Each question has four alternative responses. Every correct answer has TWO Point.


Question 1. The reflective level teaching is :

A) teacher-centered and subject-centered but not learner-centered

B) not teacher-centered but is subject-centered and learner-centered

C) teacher-centered and not subject-centered and learner-centered

D) neither teacher-centered nor subject-centered but is learner centered

Ans – A


Question 2.

The adult learner is :

A) peer-motivated

B) self-motivated

C) family-motivated

D) society-motivated

Ans – B


Question 3.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are :

A) flexible and open form of self-directed, online learning designed for mass participation

B) flexible and open form of teacher-directed, online learning designed for mass participation

C) flexible and open form of self-directed, off-line learning designed for mass participation

D) flexible and open form of teacher-directed, off-line learning designed for mass participation

Ans – A


Question  4.

Modern teaching support system includes :

A) Smart Boards

B) Green Boards

C) Charts

D) Maps

Ans – A


Question 5.

 Which of the following is not applicable to the internal assessment ?

A) Integration of teaching and evaluation

B) Testing of skills and abilities

C) Periodic and continuous

D) Use of only achievement tests

Ans – D


Question 6.

Dialogue method of discovering the truth was given by :

A) Plato

B) Socrates

C) Froebel

D) Herbart

Ans – B


Question 7.

If one variable is measured on nominal scale and other variable is mearured on interval scale, the appropriate research method will be :

A) Experimental method

B) Case-study method

C) Cross-sectional method

D) Correlation method

Ans – A


Question 8.

Which is the following is not a characteristic of good hypothesis ?

A) Testability

B) Objectivity

C) Complexity

D) Conceptual Clarity

Ans – C


Question 9.

If mean and median of a frequency distribution are 20 and 22 respectively, then the mode of the distribution will be :

A) 21

B) 16

C) 26

D) 11

Ans – C



Question 10.

Using someone else’s research without due acknowledgement is called as :

A) Copyright

B) Plagiarism

C) Publication

D) Patent

Ans – B

Online Mock Test – Set Paper 1 Language English


Question 11.

Direction :

Answer Question Nos. 11 to 15 based on either the English passage or the Marathi Passage :

A sanctuary may be defined as a place where Man is passive and the rest of Nature active. Till quite recently, let me tell you, Nature had her own sanctuaries, where man either did not go at all or only as a tool-using animal in comparatively small numbers. But now, in this machinery age, there is no place left where man cannot go with overwhelming forces at his command. He can strangle to death all the nobler wildlife in the world to-day. To-morrow he certainly will have done so, unless he exercises due foresight and self-control in the mean time.

            There is not the slightest doubt that birds and mammals are now being killed off much faster than they can breed. And it is always the largest and noblest forms of life that suffer most. The whales and elephants, lions and eagles, go. The rats and flies, and all mean parasites, remain. This is inevitable in certain cases. But it is wanton killing off that I am speaking of to-night. Civilized man begins by destroying the very forms of wildlife he learns to appreciate most when he becomes still more civilized. The obvious remedy is to begin conservation at ana earlier stage, when it is easier and better in every way, by enforcing laws for close seasons, game preserves, the selective protection of certain species, and sanctuaries.

            I have just defined a sanctuary as a place where man is passive and the rest of Nature active. But this general definition is too absolute for any special case. The mere fact that man has to protect a sanctuary does away with his purely passive attitude. Then, he can be beneficially active by destroying pests and parasites, like bot-flies or mosquitoes, and by finding antidotes for diseases like the epidemic which periodically kills off the rabbits and thus starves many of the carnivores to death.

But, except in cases where experiment has proved his intervention to be beneficial, the less he upsets the balance of Nature the better, even when he tries to be an earthly Providence.

Question 11.

In the passage, it is implied by the author that his first definition of a ‘Sanctuary’ is :

A) Somewhat idealistic

B) quite wrong

C) completely unacceptable

D) difficult to defend

Ans – A


Question 12

The author seems to be much concerned about the active role of man in protection of animals because :

A) he is afraid of the fact that it would lead to he imbalance of the ecological system

B) he is sure that it is beneficial for the mankind itself

C) he thinks that man’s passiveness is not a sigh of his being alive

D) he is more idealistic

Ans – A


Question 13

The above passage can be :

A) a part of an article in a scientific journal

B) an argument in front of the court of law

C) a part of a speech delivered to an educated audience

D) an extract of a scientific report

Ans – C


Question 14

The author intends to convey the message that :

A) Man is quite a clever animal

B) If the man failed to maintain the ecological balance, it will be harmful in the long-run

C) Man wishes to destroy the wild-life as it is harmful for his existence

D) The balanced ecosystem will decrease the importance of man in the overall affairs of the universe

Ans – B


Question 15

The tone of the author can be best described as being :

A) Descriptive

B) humorous

C) narrative

D) sarcastic

Ans – D


Question 16

According to Dr. Deval, communication Means :

A) Sharing of ideas

B) Sharing of experiences

C) Perception

D) Sharing of emotions

Ans – C


Question 17

To select media to teach a lesson to calss, teacher should consider objectives of the lesson, age group of students, knowledge about media to be used and :

A) teaching methods

B) teaching aids

C) mass media

D) evaluation system

Ans – D


Question 18

Traffic signals are example of ……………………….. communication.

A) mass

B) non-verbal

C) verbal

D) on to many

Ans – B


Question 19

Customers coming to mall and sharing some common interest and group based activities are steadily increasing. This is the example of ………………… group.

A) Open

B) closed

C) peer to peer

D) hierarchical

Ans – A


Question 20

Sometimes mass media misleads society because receivers are :

A) heterogenous

B) in large numbers

C) illiterate

D) critical

Ans – A

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Question 21

In a game with two players X and Y and given n(>4) number of circles drawn on a plane paper, alternately each one of X and Y is suppose to join two different circles which were not already joined by a line. The winner is one who joins the last available pair of circles and the game ends. If X starts the game then :

A) X always wins

B) Y always wins

C) X wins whenever n in odd

D) Y wins whenever n is a power of 2

Ans – D


Question 22

In a classroom there are ten chairs in a row c1, c2, c3, ……………….c10 which are labeled by numbers 1, 2, 3,……………., 10 arbitrarily but satisfying the condition the ki < kj  whenever i < j, where k1, k2, k3, …………, k10 are the labels given to the chairs c1, c2, c3, ……….., c10 respectively. Then which of the following is true ?

A) For some i, ki = i

B) There are two I and j such that ki = i and kj = j

C) All labels must be distinct

D) For every i, ki = i

Ans – A


Question 23

There are flowers in a basket which are to be distributed to five persons standing in a row. The second person received half of the number of flowers given to the first person, the third person received half of the number of flowers received to the second person; the fourth person received half of the numbers of flowers received to the third person and the fifth person received half of the number of flowers received to the fourth person. If the fifth person received only one follower and there is no flower remaining in the basket, how many flowers were their in the basket ?

A) 31

B) 32

C) 16

D) 15

Ans – A


Question 24

If 6 men or 8 children complete one task in 24 days, then how many days will be required to complete the task for 7 men and 12 children ?

A) 12

B) 9

C) 10

D) 16

Ans – B


Question 25

The area of a parallelogram is 128 cm2 and its altitude is twice the corresponding base. What is the length of the base ?

A) 6cm

B) 7 cm

C) 12 cm

D) 8 cm

Ans – D


Question 26

Arrange the following terms in a meaningful-logical order indicating the correct sequence :

1) Grass

2) Curd

3) Milk

4) Cow

5) Butter


Ans –

A) 1-4-3-2-5

B) 4-3-2-1-5

C) 5-2-3-4-1

D) 4-1-3-2-5

Ans – D


Question 27

If the term HJLN is converted into ILOR, Then by the same principle what could be the same principle what could be the correct alternative for the term DFHJ ?                                                                                                                                                                                





Ans – B


Question 28

‘Parrots have green colour .’ This statement is a/an :

A) Perception

B) Inference

C) Comparison

D) Implication

Ans – A



Question 29

Which of the following is/are the valid conclusions based on the statements given below ?

Statement I :

All donkeys are hardworking.

Statement II

Some hardworking animals are human beings.

Conclusion 1 :

Some donkeys are hardworking.

Conclusion 2 :

Some donkeys are human beings.

A) 1 Only

B) 2 Only

C) 1 and 2 both

D) Neither 1 or 2

Ans – B


Question 30

Which of the following diagrams shows the correct relationship among :

Boys, Students, Girls






Ans – A


Question 31.

A report regarding certain examination is given below :

Total number of candidates appeared = 1000

The number of male candidates = 550

The number of candidates passed = 700

The number of successful male candidates will lie between the limits ……………..

A) 100 to 250

B) 250 to 550

C) 550 to 700

D) 700 to 1000

Ans – B


Direction :

Question numbers 32 and 33 are based on the following information :

State Total number of male & female employees Ratio of number of males to that of female employees Percentage of post-graduate among total employees
A 20,000 13 : 7 60
B 30,000 8 : 7 50
C 25,000 5 : 5 64
D 40,000 14 : 6 72
E 10,000 6: 4 42


Question 32

Find the number of male employees in State D :

A) 14,000

B) 6,000

C) 28,000

D) 20,000

Ans – C


Question 33.

Find the number of posts-graduate female employees in state B :

A) 8,000

B) 15,000

C) 350

D) 7,000

Ans – D


Direction :

Question numbers 34 and 35 are based on the following pie diagram :


A :  Printing cost

B : Cost of Paper

C : Royalty

D: Advertisement charges

E : Other charges


Question 34

If the cost of paper is Rs. 16,000 then find the amount of other charges :

A) Rs. 16,000

B) RS. 10,000

C) Rs. 8,000

D) Rs. 12,000

Ans – C


Question 35

The tax deducted at source is 10% of the royalty amount then the amount of tax paid is ……………

A) Rs. 1,200

B) Rs. 800

C) Rs. 1,000

D) Rs. 8,000

Ans – A


Question 36

Which of the following is the correct full form of IPTV ?

A) International and Political Television

B) Internet Proliferation Television

C) Inter Provisional Television

D) Internet Protocol Television

Ans – D


Question 37

The world’s first computer, ENIAC was developed in the year :

A) 1945

B) 1940

C) 1955

D) 1960

Ans – A


Question 38

Which communication service has been recently closed in India ?

A) Postal service

B) Landline

C) Telegram

D) Fax

Ans – C


Question 39

 For recruitment as a school teacher in Maharashtra one must enroll himself/herself on the web portal :

A) Saral

B) Maha Jobs

C) e-Seva

D) Pavitra

Ans – D



Question 40

Which statement among the following is not correct with respect to National Digital Library of India ?

A) It is a project by Department of Technology.

B) It is a virtual repository of learning resources with single window search facility.

C) It is friendly to differently-abled learnes.

D) It is being developed at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Ans – A


Question 41.

Convention on Ozone Depleting Substances is also known as :

A) Basel Convention

B) Montreal Protocol

C) Ramsar Convention

D) Conference of Parties

Ans – B


Question 42

Unit used to measure noise level is ;

A) Joule


C) Bit

D) dB

Ans – D


Question 43

Green India Mission was part of the :

A) Tree Plantation

B) River Action Plan

C) Swatch Bharat Abhiyan

D) National Action Plan for climate change

Ans – D


Question 44

International Solar Alliance was established to develop co-operation in developing solar energy was proposed by :

A) Indian Prime Minister

B) French President

C) African Union

D) European Union

Ans – A



Question 45

Concentration of toxic chemicals through food-chain result into :

A) Accumulation

B) Excretion

C) Biomagnification

D) Elimination

Ans – C


Question 46

 Technical and scientific education was given in :

A) Vedic system of education

B) Pre-Vedic system of education

C) Buddhist system of education

D) Islamic system of education

Ans – C


Question 47

According to UGC list published the state with the most universities is :

A) Uttar Pradesh

B) Maharashtra

C) Tamil Nadu

D) Rajasthan

Ans – D


Question 48

For creation and development of MOOC courses in different disciplines MHRD has notifed ………………… is one of the eight national co-coordinators.

A) Mumbai Vidyapeeth

B) U. G. C.


D) IIT Mumbai

Ans – B


Question 49

Most of the State universities are …………………….. in nature.

A) Affiliating Universities

B) Deemed Universities

C) Self-financing Universities

D) Private Universities

Ans – A


Question 50

Which organization arranges administrative course for principals ?

A) HRD Ministry




Ans – C


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